Seremedi: Delivering High-Acuity Patient Care at Home

Seremedi: Delivering High-Acuity Patient Care at Home

Kim Bond Evans, CEO, SeremediKim Bond Evans, CEO, Seremedi
When Kim Bond Evans admitted her mother for a routine back surgery, the care team failed to discern the complications in her recovery procedure which ultimately led to her demise. While Kim was dealing with the untimely death of her mother, she took a steadfast resolve to devise a solution that can prevent such consequences. Born out of this resolution was Seremedi. Founded in 2014, Seremedi is driven by the intent to help hospitals reduce preventable readmissions while ensuring that patients receive the adequate care needed for best recovery outcomes. The firm offers a mobile patient care platform, CareScriptions that enables clinical care teams to attend to and manage patients remotely after discharge and ensure they are following their treatment plans.

In the words of Kim, when a patient is discharged, the clinical staff has no idea what their status is at home. For the high-acuity patient population, this is a high-risk situation. With Seremedi’s mobile platform, the care team gains visibility into the patient’s status whereby they can follow up with the patient to see how much they are progressing or recovering. Based on the insights, the team can stratify the level of care needed and exchange information in real time—whether the medication needs to be changed, dosage to be altered, or new measures to be added as per the patient’s condition. “CareScriptions allows the care team to identify gaps early and promptly intervene to ensure that the patient is not re-hospitalized and is on the recovery path,” notes Seremedi’s CEO, Kim Bond Evans. The team can also make virtual visits via the telehealth platform and save patients the anxiety and inconvenience of coming back to the clinic.

More importantly, CareScriptions is highly configurable with existing workflows of clinical teams in hospitals.

CareScriptions allows the care team to identify gaps early and promptly intervene to ensure that the patient is not re-hospitalized

“The advantage of our platform is such that teams voluntarily change their workflow because they face dynamic situations where they can leverage the tools incorporated in CareScriptions to improve patients’ experience,” Kim extols. Furthermore, they can store the patient-generated data within the platform or append it to the EMR.

On the patients’ side, CareScriptions provides clear, easy-to-follow guidance instructions for patients whereby they can keep time-based alerts of what they need to do throughout the day. Typically, a lot of information is communicated to the patient at the time of discharge, which is oftentimes difficult to understand and retain. CareScriptions delivers this information in a simplified way enabling patients to understand and take necessary precautions. Here, Kim refers to a surgical oncology case scenario where the patient had undergone a liver resection. Before discharge, she received CareScriptions along with a 15-minutes training on the care guide and educational concepts regarding the imminent symptoms. On her way home, the patient felt some discomfort to the point that she signed into CareScriptions to verify if that was a critical symptom and shared it with her nurse. Through a virtual discussion over CareScriptions, the nurse was able to identify that her surgical drain was dislodged. Thereafter, she was taken back to the clinic where the problem was rectified.

In terms of future initiatives, the team at Seremedi is all set to introduce new functionalities to augment the experience for caregivers, mainly friends and families of patients. The company is already on its road to progress. As a Cedars-Sinai Accelerator powered by Techstars company, Seremedi is scheduled to launch a pilot with the Cedars Sinai Mechanical Circulatory Support team supporting patients and their families. Seremedi launched at MD Anderson, adding Houston Methodist and most recently Oklahoma University to its list of customers.