CareClix: Creating Virtual Online Hospitals

CareClix: Creating Virtual Online Hospitals

Accountable care organization was investing a large amount of capital for managing a high-risk diabetes population. As they were operationalizing this process, they were losing a large amount of money, which lead to talks about collaborating with a telemedicine solution provider. Luckily for them, they partnered with a complete white-labeled telemedicine solution company, CareClix. By creating a virtual health solution for them—where all of the group’s 150,000 members could have access to virtual health services—CareClix white-labeled the web and mobile application. CareClix became a seamless part of the group’s deployed model through which patients were not only able to interact with the doctors virtually but also had access to existing network of doctors on the ground. As a result, the group was able to deliver a full-scale healthcare delivery model for its members anywhere and anytime. This ultimately helped them in reducing the unnecessary costs. “That’s where we are different. Over the years, we have helped many such clients not only with our easy-to-use, intuitive, and comprehensive connected health solution but also by endowing the capability to white-label the application such that the clients can use it as a part of their own platform,” says S. John Korangy, the CEO of CareClix.

Founded in 2012, CareClix has been delivering virtual online hospitals for its clients, which allows the patients and doctors to collaborate with each other. The patients can interact with multiple caregivers to leverage various healthcare services. Delivered as a comprehensive telehealth Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, CareClix combines its Online Medical Suite with clinical patient data and diagnostic medical workflow that enables patients and doctors to perform consultations similar to face-to-face consultations. The solution also enables the patients and physicians to engage through remote consultations in a seamless and secure environment, and facilitates the collaboration of clinical data between all parties involved. The company’s revolutionary technology enables doctors to see patients in their clinical settings virtually as well as at home via a variety of remote health monitoring devices. “By transforming healthcare through our solution, we have become one of the most powerful online tools allowing for medical collaboration on a global scale,”states Dr. Korangy.

By transforming healthcare through our solution, we have become one of the most powerful online tools allowing for medical collaboration on a global scale

CareClix delivers its telemedicine solution by directly partnering with health institutions and healthcare networks. The company can either help the institution in delivering virtual healthcare services or can augment their existing staff to offer the solution. “We are helping our clients by allowing them to deliver access to cost-effective care,” mentions Dr. Korangy. The company integrates with Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) and package management systems to deliver a modular, singular, and secure HIPAA-compliant platform for care delivery. “We deliver the solution as a turn-key application, and so the clients are able to leverage it as a plug and play system,” saysDr. Korangy. Through its platform, CareClix also introduces different diagnostic devices, and 350 different hardware components in the healthcare space to deliver medical services in its virtual exam rooms. The Medical Exam Room, also known as CareClix Exam, incorporates numerous FDA approved devices, which can be used by healthcare institutions to convert any brick-and-mortar examination room into a telemedicine suite. In essence, not only does CareClix provide a comprehensive telehealth Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, it also offers its clients access to a large physician network when necessary. From primary care, to specialty care, to nutrition services, CareClix is able to offer permanent or supplementary providers to their client’s networks to ensure the best care and service across the board.

Having carved a niche in the connected health space, CareClix looks poised to establish itself as the leader in the space in the near future. In the next 12-18 months, the company aims to onboard many global clients, and to that end, they will be creating the solution, to be more internationally amenable. “There are many possibilities that we will be leveraging. At the end of the day, it’s also about creating a comprehensive online virtual hospital,” concludes Dr. Korangy.