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Reemo Health: Reimagining the Senior Living Experience

John Valiton, CEO, Reemo HealthJohn Valiton, CEO, Reemo Health
In the early nineties, assisted living—a hybrid of nursing care and home-like facilities—had become a common healthcare model to take care of senior citizens. Today technology is playing a major role in redefining modern healthcare models, leading care providers around the world to re-imagining existing practices to foster improved senior living experience. Founded in 2013 is Reemo Health, a leading health technology platform that leverages wearables, home sensors, and analytics to enable more efficient, proactive care while improving the living experience for seniors and their caregivers.

Reemo Health also provides remote patient monitoring programs and proprietary health indices for healthcare organizations to improve population health management through better patient engagement and opportunities for prevention at a lower total cost of care. With patients becoming keen on managing their own health and monitoring chronic conditions, Reemo’s customer-centric approach helps care providers promote proactive partaking in one’s own health and wellness.

A smart wearable, Reemo provides real-time awareness of wearers’ daily activities and overall health. “Reemo’s solution is more than just about monitoring everyday fitness levels,” says John Valiton, CEO, Reemo Health. The device captures crucial real-time health data, both physiological as well as any out-of-the-ordinary behavior, and learns from users’ daily routines to create a baseline. If behavior or health data goes outside typical levels, Valiton says, “the device is ‘smart enough’ to spot the abnormality and notify emergency contacts immediately. Additionally, if an emergency help scenario occurs, the device also automatically shares the location and current health status with emergency responders.

Reemo’s solution is more than just about monitoring everyday fitness levels

One of the greatest strengths of Reemo’s solutions is the fact that it is offered through a smart wearable and the device and cloud data are managed through web interfaces. “All a user needs to do is charge and wear the device; and the device updates on its own, so there is no need for typical maintenance,” says Matthew Yonan, VP of Marketing, Reemo Health.

Valiton describes how a smartwatch has the potential to present umpteen possibilities in healthcare. From a macro point of view, Reemo’s advanced analytics on health indicators can be used to gain better visibility on different correlations and patterns that trigger sophisticated care management. “Even though we are not an FDA approved platform and cannot diagnose diseases, our continuous monitoring of health indicators gives us the power to identify abnormalities and alert users, family members and caregivers,” adds Valiton.

As Reemo Health is architecting new avenues for more advanced and connected healthcare technology, they are also celebrating that their devices are well-accepted among their target user group (seniors). “Seniors are not against new technology, rather they despise complexity,” says Yonan. Reemo Health, therefore, expends time and effort on developing its UI while extensively testing its usability with seniors. “What we have also learned is that seniors love the form factor of a watch as opposed to other accessories that carry a stigma,” mentions Yonan.

At this point, Reemo has partnered with several care facilities and senior living communities across the U.S, including Brookdale Senior Living, Mission Health and the Ohio Masonic Home. For the future, the company is focused on refining its software to create improved senior living and healthcare experiences.