WiseThink Health Solutions: Helping People Adopt Healthy Habits

WiseThink Health Solutions: Helping People Adopt Healthy Habits

 Ralph Donaldson Jr., Founder & CEO, WiseThink Health Solutions
As cliché as the saying “Treat your body like a temple” may sound, it is crucial to maintaining ideal health. Not only is it important to us as a society it is our only hope of managing the skyrocketing healthcare costs facing our nation. For most of us finding the time and personal accountability for our own health is difficult. As a solution to this dilemma, Ralph Donaldson Jr., Founder and CEO of WiseThink Health Solutions, has pioneered a holistic approach that leads to better health outcomes, health quality and reduces costs. By introducing a disruptive, person-centered solution, his venture—WiseConnect the Power of Health®—empowers people to take control of their health using State-ofthe- Art Technology, culturally sensitive personal engagement, and proactive interventions from the physician and supporting health professionals. As the foundation to achieving and sustaining good health, WiseConnect® integrates the use of FDA approved medical sensors and devices to offer a Digital Health-as-a-Service solution to financial risk bearing organizations giving them the opportunity to use their healthcare resources to support pre-chronic and chronic populations with proactive, not reactive care.

“WiseThink uses the person’s health goals, as outlined by their physician or health professionals, and then, uses patent-pending methods for engagement to personalize self-care management and supporting healthcare interventions,” explains Ralph Donaldson Jr. WiseThink’s digital health solution uses personal engagement techniques for health literacy, health activation, social determinants, and medication adherence to interpret and analyze the complex factors preventing people from achieving their treatment and healthy lifestyle goals.

The company’s Digital Health Engagement platform— WiseConnect®—harnesses Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD) from FDA approved medical technologies along with information from surveys, smartwatches/wearables (i.e.Fitbit, Garmin, Apple) into an easy to read, user friendly platform for the person, their family members and healthcare providers.

Digital Health done right, empowers people and their health team to manage health using a proactive head-light view, not brake-light

PGHD is automatically captured through the cellular network into the WiseConnect® platform from sensors configured on blood pressure cuffs, glucometers, weight scales, EKGs, spirometers, medication trackers along with nutrition and activity data. By using a series of algorithms, the WiseConnect® platform analyses PGHD linked to the alerting workflow engine to determine the type and degree of support needed by the person to immediately send a Proactive Engagement Request to the appropriate physician or healthcare professional (e.g. health coach/CDE, clinical pharmacist), and in certain instances, to local agencies better equipped to support people with non-medical resource needs (e.g. Food Bank, Behavioral Health, Transportation services).

Using PGHD, WiseConnect®understands how well the person is adhering to their physician's self-care regimen. The self-care regimen is used as the basis for progress tracking and helps the person to know their target health numbers. WiseConnect® uses a Scorecard, similar to a report card in school, to measure personal progress and offer ideas to earn extra credit and/or improve their grade before the next reporting cycle. As people strive for better grades, they begin to adopt healthy habits into their lifestyle. “By making digital health simple and seamless into the person’s daily routine, the person begins to build confidence in taking these daily actions leading to a good health result, creating a sense of personal empowerment,” says Donaldson Jr.

The WiseConnect® platform has demonstrated excellent results in reversing pre-chronic conditions back to normal within nine months and helping people diagnosed with a condition to better manage their health avoiding unnecessary ER visits and hospitalizations. Additionally, the WiseConnect® platform gives better transparency to care quality and outcome based Provider pay-forperformance programs. WiseConnect® provides a real-world solution to Helping People Adopt Healthy Habits.