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Global Telehealth Services: Improving Patient Outcomes Through Virtual Health

Top 20 Connected Health Solution Providers - 2017

Technology enabled care (TEC) or connected healthcare is redefining the current healthcare scenario with the combination of health technology, digital media, and mobile devices to provide care beyond hospitals. The widespread adoption of mobile devices among all age groups is one of the key factors that has promoted connected healthcare. It gives both patients and healthcare professionals easy access to the required information in addition to reducing the time taken in the diagnosis process by determining the context through patient history. There is also a rise in wearable technology or biosensing wearables, such as, fitness bands, digital hearing aids, and ingestible devices like smart pills, which is easy to use and updates patient data through constant monitoring.

In addition, there’s an evolution of healthcare social media, where people are migrating from popular sites like Facebook and Twitter to private social networks. The migration is accompanied by the emergence of social functionality within the patient portals. This will lead to a sharper set of collected data, which will improve customer satisfaction through the application of analytics and business intelligence providing a more personalized experience.

Healthcare providers are on a lookout for the most apt solution for their care model. To help healthcare companies, our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Healthcare Tech Outlook narrowed down the top 20 providers that exhibit competence in delivering connected health solutions.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 20 Connected Health Solution Providers -2017.”

    Top Connected Health Solution Providers

  • VirtualHealth is a technology agnostic middleware platform providing real-time, actionable data, patient health monitoring, and virtual visits customized with health modules designed to create better patient health outcomes

  • Health technology platform that leverages wearables and analytics to enable more efficient, proactive care for seniors and their caregivers

  • A rapidly emerging biotech power-team providing groundbreaking and potentially life-saving technologies

  • Offers a mobile patient care platform that enables clinical teams to monitor and manage patients remotely after discharge

  • Dedicated to personalized digital health solutions that create high-quality health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs

  • AgaMatrix


    Develops and manufactures biosensors and blood glucose monitoring systems for people with diabete

  • Aligned Telehealth

    Aligned Telehealth

    A healthcare management company that offers clinical and consultation services

  • Allscripts


    Provides physician practices, hospitals, and other healthcare providers with practice management and electronic health record technology

  • Athenahealth


    Provides network-enabled services for healthcare and point-of-care mobile apps to drive clinical and financial results for its hospital and ambulatory clients

  • Epic Systems Corporation

    Epic Systems Corporation

    Epic Systems Corporation, or Epic, is a privately held healthcare software company

  • ESO Solutions

    ESO Solutions

    ESO delivers healthcare interoperability, software applications and data management to the pre-hospital and hospital health care market, redefining the way health care communicates

  • EyeNetra


    EyeNetra is an award winning technology developed at MIT Media Lab. develops mobile phone eye diagnostics that measures the correction of users' vision

  • GreatCall


    Offers health and safety products and services for older adults, including mobile devices, cellular service, mobile apps and a wearable device

  • Heka Health

    Heka Health

    Provides SaaS based platform powering custom-branded, turnkey connected health solution



    The Ideal Life platform simplifies how patients, doctors and caregivers track, learn about, and manage health conditions

  • Noteworth


    Noteworth is a connected health platform that enables health organizations to prescribe virtual care models to their patients

  • Responsive Health

    Responsive Health

    Responsive Health has built and evaluated enterprise-wide App Prescribing Platform

  • SMRxT


    Provides innovative clinical programs and adherence tools allow healthcare companies to fully understand and manage their population’s adherence challenges, leading to better clinical outcomes and reduced costs

  • Validic


    Validic’s platform and mobile solutions enable you to derive and analyze meaningful insights from your population

  • Vitalacy


    Vitalacy prevents the transmission of Healthcare Associated infections through the automated tracking of hand sanitization